by Efrat Dagan 

Congratulations, you have just landed round A and you can finally hire some great people to take your team to the next level, you have so much on your mind now. Your team is small and you are in a race to get your product to market. As you scale, you will probably run across a few challenges. Perhaps I can help you a little, by sharing with you some of the following tips:

1. Your core team has huge impact on your success. The decisions you make have long term impact on your ability to execute and thrive. The decisions you make now will have a lasting effect on the culture and product you create. Take the time to make those decisions thoughtfully and systemically. Don’t rush and definitely do not make them on your own.

2. You’ll need to make room for growing, hiring takes time, focus and energy. It’s hard because you have so much going on and that is partly why you need to grow. It will slow you down at first but if you do it well, it will be your superpower. If you do not dedicate the time needed for hiring you’ll end up behind, which leads us to the next item.

3. Hiring is your job. One of your more important roles. You may need the help of a professional recruiter to drive traction, but at the end of the day, you cannot be hands off. Your engagement is crucial and will never really cease.

4. Great culture is your number one hiring strategy. Cultivate a great culture and make sure you reinforce it with your hiring decisions. It will pay you back time after time. Make sure to diversify your team from the get go. Diversity carries many positive traits, and it’s easiest to achieve if you’re mindful from the beginning.

5. Hire the best recruiter and treat them like gold. Because if a product is only as good as its team, a team is only as as good as its recruiter.

6. Hiring is cyclical, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it ever stops. Always be on the look out for great talent, the best candidates may become available when you are not actively looking. It’s also your edge in a very competitive market.

7. Hiring mistakes are very expensive, and recruiting is not easy as it looks.  We can all read a resume and ask questions. But few of us do it professionally. Think about people who can add value and grow with your company.

8. Make sure interviewing with you is a great experience whether you decide to hire or not. Make sure your team treats candidates with respect and curiosity. Just like you would have liked to be treated.    

9. It’s not all about you! Make sure to involve others in your hiring decisions. Decisions that are made by a team tend to be better and less biased. 

10. Give candidates a (few) good reasons to come and help them choose you!

Having the right people is your strategic advantage, don’t sell yourself short.


Efrat Dagan is A Global Staffing Lead At Google, She has hired hundreds of happy Googlers until this day and is a contributing writer at iAngels.