Crowdfunding Site iAngels Raises $14M for Israeli Startups

Israel is a hotbed for tech startups, but it is also a tight knit community where a small number of local investors have access to the best deals. Enter  iAngels Crowd Ltd., an investing network founded by Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal, two women who have taken their knowledge of Israel and their international […]

Crowdfunding in the Context of Portfolio Management

iAngels’ Founding Partner, Shelly Hod Moyal, recently published a white paper that explains how crowdfunding fits into the context of portfolio management.  Below is the introduction of the piece.  You can download the full version here   With interest rates at zero and the introduction of crowdfunding-based financial innovations, investors are seeking both alpha and diversification […]

Should You Invest in Alternative Alternatives?

With interest rates at zero and the introduction of crowdfunding-based financial innovations, investors are seeking both alpha and diversification in alternative assets: start-ups, consumer loans, private equity, and real estate projects. While investors have deployed capital into venture capital and private equity funds, credit funds, and REITs for quite some time, “alternative alternatives” or “A2”, represent the possibility […]

iAngels on the Blog

I got word of all the activity when I was in Tel Aviv, meeting with Mor Assia, the sharp 33 year old founder of Israel-based iAngels. When our conversation turned to how everyone in the industry wants to see faster — and let’s be honest, more liberal — regulatory action, Mor seemed a lot […]

Fund Forward: 8 Exciting Trends in Crowdfunding That Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

With a compound annual growth rate of 88% since 2011, crowdfunding, particularly equity crowdfunding, is taking off. The decentralization of finance gives individuals more choice and control as to where they invest their money, and simultaneously offers startups access to new sources of capital. So what does the future of crowdfunding hold for us?   […]

Israeli Crowdfunding Platform iAngels Brings Forth Blessings of Biblical Prophecy

Equity crowdfunding platform, iAngels, has come up with a way to give global investors access to investing within the Startup Nation. By partnering with lead angel investors and technology startups in a variety of fields in Israel and promoting them to top tier investors across the globe, iAngels gives accredited investors the opportunity to become […]