What To Know Before Co-Investing

One of my investors candidly asked me recently, “Shelly, if I have an opportunity to invest with people I’ve just met, how do I avoid getting screwed over?” This is a good question; for most investors interested in startups, co-investing is the de facto way to invest. Just like you scrutinize the entrepreneur, the technology and the […]

Crowdfunding in the Context of Portfolio Management

iAngels’ Founding Partner, Shelly Hod Moyal, recently published a white paper that explains how crowdfunding fits into the context of portfolio management.  Below is the introduction of the piece.  You can download the full version here   With interest rates at zero and the introduction of crowdfunding-based financial innovations, investors are seeking both alpha and diversification […]

Should You Invest in Alternative Alternatives?

With interest rates at zero and the introduction of crowdfunding-based financial innovations, investors are seeking both alpha and diversification in alternative assets: start-ups, consumer loans, private equity, and real estate projects. While investors have deployed capital into venture capital and private equity funds, credit funds, and REITs for quite some time, “alternative alternatives” or “A2”, represent the possibility […]

Strategic Asset Allocation: How Much to Put in Startups

For decades, retail investors have been persuaded to invest in financial products that both under-perform​ the market and correlate highly with the market. As discussed in Diversification and Startup investing, the ability to now invest in an emerging class of individual startup securities motivates investors to rethink their strategic asset allocations and achieve better outcomes. Naturally, an investor must […]

Diversification and Startup Investing

The rise of crowdfunding platforms have introduced new private market investment opportunities to private and institutional investors alike. In order to invest in these nascent financial products successfully, diversification, a concept fundamental to responsible investing, is discussed below to refresh basic investing principles and remind investors of the importance of considering each investment in the […]