Shelly Hod Moyal & Mor Assia at TechCrunch TLV 2018

Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal were amongst the participants chosen to speak at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference in June 2018. The conference gathered together some of Israel’s greatest thinkers, makers and investors to share their insight and expertise on one of the nation’s hottest exports — new mobility technologies. This is the first time the day-long […]

How Australia can create startup culture as successful as Israel’s

There are things Australia can learn from Israel’s startup scene, according to the assistant minister for innovation Wyatt Roy. Roy recently toured Israel with a group of Australian entrepreneurs. Hoping to learn something from a startup scene that is growing 26% year-on-year and employs 20,000. In a country with just 8.4 million people, there are […]

Strategic Asset Allocation: How Much to Put in Startups

For decades, retail investors have been persuaded to invest in financial products that both under-perform​ the market and correlate highly with the market. As discussed in Diversification and Startup investing, the ability to now invest in an emerging class of individual startup securities motivates investors to rethink their strategic asset allocations and achieve better outcomes. Naturally, an investor must […]