What drove you to create Drippler?

My co founders and I were always tech guys, and as new gadgets have become something that everyone gets excited about today, not just techies, we found ourselves being approached constantly by family and friends with questions regarding tech.  Questions such as: “Show me how to use this feature”, or “What cool apps should I get”.  While we usually had the answers to these questions, we realized that there was a huge opportunity to provide people with a platform to answer these questions for themselves.

Drippler evaluates the device it was downloaded on, correct?

Not only that, but we automatically analyze and detect various device information such as the model, the OS version, what apps you have installed, and even your carrier. We collect data we can use in order to personalize the experience and make life simple for the users.

What type of expansion are you looking to do?

We currently support all iOS and Android devices, smartphones and tablets. We want to be on any device that sees high user engagement and will focus on more platforms in the future – wearables, smart TVs, smart cars and more

How has Drippler been received thus far?

We have over millions of users, and a very high user engagement.  The app has a 4.5 star rating on Google Play and a 4.8 star rating on the app store.  Because of our success, people are discovering new products around the tech world millions of times per month.  So we are driving a lot of engagement to other apps and leading to many other purchases as well.

What’s the business model?

It’s really built into the product.  The focus is to get users to discover something new, and then to allow them to act on that discovery.  The three revenue channels that we have are app discovery, app re-engagement, and commerce.  These channels are manifested through three buttons that are in the app: install, open, and buy.


You wrote an article on Forbes about the importance of spending money for user acquisition.  Can you explain why that’s important?

It’s very much product dependant.  There are millions of apps, and it’s extremely difficult to stand out.  While organic growth is great, it makes sense to pay to acquire users in order to set yourself apart from the competition.  In fact, we are already working with many major app developers in order to assist them in getting high lifetime valued users and grow their user bases through promotions on Drippler.

What do hope to accomplish with the new round of funding?

We are already one of the leaders in app discovery, but this a rapidly growing market in which there is still not a clear cut leader.  So our first, short term goal is to become the leading consumer facing app discovery player in the US market.

Looking past that, we have already began building the infrastructure to allow us to launch more products, in more languages, and really make our mark on the global market.

What is your team’s competitive advantage?

We’ve spent the last couple of years really nailing the user experience, getting a precise product-market fit, and building a company brand.  Because of these things, we have already developed a user base of millions of users who loves and trusts us, and that is the greatest advantage a company could ask for.

What is Drippler’s overall goal?

We want to allow anyone with a smartphone, tablet and other smart devices to discover the latest and greatest and make the most of it.


Yonatan Mandelbaum

Community Manager, iAngels